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Revit Architecture is modeling software which provides the complete information about the building structure. Revit Architecture is the most powerful software used not only by Designer Architects, Structural Engineers, and Landscape Architects but also Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers are using this advanced tool in their routine work. Revit Architecture training institutes in Chandigarh at Infowiz which is renowned for providing hands-on practical training on the various and advanced tools, features and tasks in Revit Architecture through which you can enhance upon your knowledge and skills in modeling and elements using Revit Architecture. Revit certification course in Chandigarh designed and developed by our committed team of experts from the industry. The certification course from our Organization will help you to become professional in the development of best quality building designs with a minimum of risk thereby improving the timely delivery of the project.

Best Revit Architecture training in Chandigarh provided by our Organization where you will start as a learner but will become professional by the end which will be beneficial to you once you step in the corporate Arena for your career growth and opportunities. The Revit Architecture course so designed at our Organization will help you a lot in mastering the tools and techniques to create building plans and designs with greater accuracy, appealing and in a lesser time span.


6 months/6 weeks Revit Architecture industrial training in Chandigarh/Mohali and Bathinda

As we have observed that Revit Architecture is the most important and widely used software in almost all the areas of civil engineering. The scope of Revit Architect is very vast and the top companies in the field of construction, civil, Architect, etc are looking for professionals who can provide the best solutions as far as the concept of designing of the structure is concerned. For Revit Architecture industrial training in Chandigarh at Infowiz where we enhance upon the practical and technical skills among the trainees on the latest and advanced tools used nowadays in Revit software and the skills imparted by our Organization will go a long way in shaping up the career of a student in the long run. For Six months/weeks Revit Architecture industrial training in Punjab the best place is our Organization where we tend to turn the beginner as professional in whichever field one wishes to opt for at  later stage of thier career.


Why Infowiz is Best Company for Revit Architecture training in Punjab

It’s only at Infowiz that beginner and advanced courses are being conducted to make sure that once the basic concepts of trainees are cleared, they move on to advanced courses to facilitate this software with excellence and enhance upon one’s chances of getting placed in the companies of Repute. At our organization, we provide the latest version of Revit Architecture software for the students to take their creative skills level at height. Best Revit Architecture training company in Punjab i.e. Infowiz where the courses designed offer a great platform for the trainees to develop upon their skills on the latest and advanced tools associated with Revit Architecture.


REVIT Architecture Industrial Training – Course Content

Topics 1

  • Introduction o Building Information Modelling o Revit Architecture
  • History
  • Features
  • Revit File Types
  • Exploring User Interface
  • Building Elements
  • Start a New Project
  • To Start a Project o Drawing Aids o Project Units
  • Construction Modelling Tool o Parts o Assemblies
  • Working with Grids

Practice: Hands On 4 & 5

  • Modify Tools o Move o Copy o Paste o Create Similar o Rotate o Mirror o Array o Scale o Split Element
  • Trim o Align o Offset o Pin o Unpin o Delete
  • Door
  • Window Match Type
  • Tape Measure
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Visual Styles

Practice: Hands On

  • Dimensions o Temporary Dimensions o Permanent Dimension o Creating Custom Dimension Type
  • Modify Dimensions
  • Constrains
  • Floor o Adding Floor o Editing Floor Sketch o Sloped Floor o Floor Slab Edges
  • Ceiling o Creating Ceiling

Practice: Hands On

  • Roof o Roof by Footprint o Roof by Extrusion o Shape editing for Floors and Roofs o Join/Unjoin Roof o Roof Soffit o Roof Fascia o Roof Gutter
  • Opening o Opening on Face and Vertical opening o Shaft Opening o Wall Opening o Dormer Opening

Family Creation o Staircase Customization

  • Stair Nosing
  • Custom Handrail
  • Custom Balusters
  • Family Creation with Adaptive Components
  • Adaptive Components
  • Creating Curtain Panel Pattern 1

Family Creation With Adaptive Components o Curtain Panel Pattern 2 o Create Helix 30

  • Family Creation With Adaptive Components o Grill Design o Reporting Parameter o Family enhancements

Practice: Hands On

  • Components o Placing Component o Rehosting o Workplane based and Face based Placement o Working with Modern Medium Library
  • Managing Views o Floor plan views o Ceiling plan view o View properties o View Range o Plan Region o Elevation view o Cut a view b y Far Clip Plane o Section View o Creating Section head o 3D views o Cropping a View o Visibility or Graphics Display
  • Specifying Element Category Visibility
  • Overriding Graphics Display of Element Category
  • Overriding Visibility and Graphics Display of Individual Elements o View Templates o Filter

Practice: Hands On

  • Curtain wall o Creating Curtain Wall o Curtain Grids o Mullions o Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels o Merging Curtain Grids o Adding Curtain Door Panel
  • Embedded Walls
  • Stairs o Creating Stairs
  • Creating Stair by sketching Runs
  • Creating Stair by sketching Boundary and Riser
  • Spiral Staircase

Practice: Hands On

  • Text
  • Model Text
  • Tag
  • Callout Views
  • Detailing o Creating Detail View o Drafting View o Inserting Detail Component


  • Transferring Project Standards
  • Interference Check
  • Customizing Project Settings o Fill patterns o Line Weight o Line Patterns o Line Styles
  • Purge Unused
  • Import/Link
  • Group
Family Creation o Introduction o Creating 2D door Family o Creating the Door panel Solid geometry
Family Creation o Staircase Customization

Practice: Hands On

  • Schedules o Schedule/ Quantities o Material Take Off o Annotation Schedule or Note Block

Practice: Prepare Door and window schedule for Residential Building.rvt

  • Rooms
  • Schedule keys
  • Area
  • Color Schemes
  • Legend Views
  • Keynotes

Practice: Find out the total area, Place rooms and prepare room schedule

  • Structural Modeling o Structural Column o Beams o Beam System o Brace o Trusses o Opening in Structural Elements o Structural Walls o Foundations o Structural Floor
  • Sheets o Title Blocks o Adding Sheet o Adding Views on Sheet o Sheet list
  • Printing o Print Setup o Print Preview

Practice: Add sheet along with title block Prepare Approval Plan

  • Lights o Adding Lighting Fixtures o Light Groups o Sun settings
  • Materials
  • Rendering
  • Walkthroughs o Exporting Walkthrough
  • Solar Studies o Create Solar Study o Export Solar Study

Practice: Create realistic images for exterior and interior view Export walkthrough in .avi format

  • Site Design o Top o surfaces o Sub region o Split Surface o Merge Surface o Building Pad o Graded Region o Parking Components o Site Components o Contour line Labels

Design Options

  • Project Phasing o Creating Phases o Phase Filter
  • Export o Export to CAD format o Exporting to DWG or DXF o Exporting to DWF format
  • Room and Area Reports
  • Exporting to IFC
  • Export to 3d’s ma


The extent of Revit Architecture is huge. Understudies can land position effectively once they become master right now joining Revit Architecture Training. There are bunches of organizations who are searching for such profile. They can get jobs in the discipline of BIM via having know-how of Revit Architecture. Revit Architecture offers a promising future to designing understudies. There are numerous companies in India just as abroad who are searching for applicants who are capable in Revit Architecture Training.


Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 120 – 180 Days 24 Weekends 40 – 60 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

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