Basic of R Programming

R is a programming language.R language is very easy to use and runs on every platform. R is developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. It is used in data science, machine learning and statistical computing.
Syntax of R programming is very simple and it is very popular for data analysis. Data analysis is done using Extraction, Transform and Visualize.
Applications of R programming
Data Science:R language is very powerful that allows to gather the data, perform statistical, analysis the data and create the visualization.
Statistical Computing: R is also used by researcher those are from non-computer science background to import data, clean data and after that analyze data from different sources. In this we can also create the charts and create visualization.
Machine Learning: R is also used in machine learning. It is used for linear regression, linear and non-learning classification, and decision trees and also used in machine learning algorithm in field like marketing, health care and finance.

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