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No.1 Industrial Training Organization in Chandigarh for 6 Months Industrial.Infowiz A software solutionis providing Best of the class AVR microcontroller training in Chandigarh since 2003. Infowiz has developed Various Development modules For AVR as well other microcontroller Platforms like PIC, ARM, Arduino, Raspberry PI etc For Microcontroller project Development and Implementation. Infowiz Has also Developed Various ISP Burning Systems that are Being used for microcontroller code loading.Best ARDUINO 6Months Industrial Training Organization in Chandigarh.
Why AVR microcontrollers for Six weeks and Six months Industrial Training in chandigarh .
The AVR is a modified Harvard architecture 8-bit / 16bit /32bit RISC single chip microcontroller which was developed by Atmel in 1996. The AVR was one of the first microcontroller families to use on-chip flash memory for program storage, as opposed to One-Time Programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM used by other microcontrollers at the time. Now a Days a very popular Embedded Systems Platform is used that is called Arduino. Arduino is based on very popular Atmega328 and Atmega2560 Avr Controllers.

  • Difference between MC-51 (CISC) & AVR (RISC) family of microcontrollers.
  • The RISC architecture of AVR family’s micro controller.
  • Introduction To Different AVR mic.
  • Microcontrollers ( Atmega8515,ATmega8535,ATmega8, Atmega16 etc.)
  • Pin Detail of Atmega8515,ATmega8535,ATmega8, Atmega16 etc.
  • Programming in Embedded C and different Embedded C compilers.
  • Machine Code Burning Techniques and Softwares.
  • Hardware interfacing and Programming In embedded c of following External and On Chip Devices with AVR
    microcontrollers:Led (using PORTS as Output)
  • Switch ( Using PORTS as input)
  • Matrix keyboard
  • Relay (To control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb,Fan, Heater etc.)
  • Stepper Motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • DC motor (Speed and Direction Control)
  • LCD Display System
  • Seven segment display
  • Single Chanel Analog to Digital Convertor(ADC0804)
  • Multichannel Analog to Digital Convertor (adc809)
  • Digital to Analog converters
  • I2C based Serial Real Time clock (DS1307)
  • Serial communication b/w microcontroller and PC & b/w Two micro-controller
  • Programming and Practical implementation Hardware and Software Interrupts
  • Programming and Practical implementation of On-chip Timer & Counter
  • PWM generation using on-chip PWM generator and its practical implementation.
  • Programming and Practical implementation of on-chip Analog Comparator.
  • Programming and Practical implementation of On-chip Multichannel Analog to
    digital Convertor (Atmega8535, Atmega8. Atmega16)
  • Interfacing of different types of sensors
  • AVR Microcontroller based Project Development
  • Design and Testing of AVR family Microcontroller Evaluation Board