ANSYS Training

ANSYS is a finite element analysis software enabling engineers to perform the following tasks as 1. build computer models or transfer CAD models of structures,products, components,or systems, 2. apply operating loads or other design performance conditions, 3. Study physical responses, such as stress levels, temperature distributions, or electromagnetic fields,4.Optimize a design early in the development process to reduce production costs, 5. Do prototype testing in environments where it otherwise would be undesirable or impossible(for example, biomedical applications).Currently the ANSYS inc. Today the focus of the educational program has been directed towards recognizing the many technical and economic developments that are constantly changing the nature of manufacturing thus creating a demand for engineers who understand advanced computational techniques.

Phase :1

What is FEA ?


ANSYS Basics

Starting ANSYS

ANSYS Workbench Environment


Graphics and Picking

The database and files

Saving Files

Exiting ANSYS

File Types

2. Introduction of ANSYS

3. Basics of Meshing with ANSYS

4. Nodes & Element types

a).Structural Analysis

b).Thermal Analysis

5. Linear Static Analysis

6. Non-Linear static Analysis

Phase :2

7. Modal Analysis

8. Buckling Analysis

9. Dynamic Analysis

a).Harmonic Analysis

b).Transient Analysis

10. FEM case Studies

11. Industry problems